Living in Balance.

R and R October 2014

Hello all,

I just wanted to say hello and touch base with you. I just came back from a wedding in Sonoma Ca. It was a beautiful wedding, the food was amazing, the wine was plentiful and the family and friends were great to see... and even meet for the first time.

As I sit here and try to get back into my "life", I am fully aware that i needed that time away. Time for myself, time with my husband and time with my extended family. I didn't get much time to just relax, but I'm realizing, that isn't the point. I was able to nourish relationships, create new ones and spend life outside of my "normal" life. This is such an important need in everyone's life. Now, my "normal" life is pretty darn good, but it takes stepping out of it sometimes to see how good life is. It also brings into awareness the importance of bio individuality and being flexible. I ate foods I don't "normally" eat, drank more wine than I "normally" would and quite honestly, didn't get enough sleep or water each day. It's all okay. I'll get right back into my "normal" way of eating and living and I'll be just as good as ever.

My point is this, go and enjoy good food, good wine, good friends and family. It's ok to veer away from what is your "norm". just come back to it and honor your body with healthy, whole foods and water, get enough sleep and enjoy quiet time when you can. Take the time in your life to love it, enjoy it and most importantly live it. I think we all get wrapped up in the everyday, mundane things in life and forget how great all the simple things in life can be.

I'm working on taking more time to nourture myself and my relationships. What about you? What area of your life needs attention. Take a moment to listen. What do you hear your body saying?

Now just go do it and enjoy every moment.

Take care my friends and Live Well,