Living in Balance.

Detox. What's all the hype?

Have you ever wonder why so many people seem to be talking about different detoxes? Do you know of people who have tried every sort of detox imaginable? 

Well, detoxes can be very beneficial, though they are not for everyone. Each detox serves as a specific  purpose to each persons specific needs. I'm going to tell you about detoxing from sugar, why it's not only beneficial, but necessary for your overall health now and in your future. Sugar effects everything from the way we think, what we crave, how much fat we have to how our skin looks and how much energy we have.

Remember the old saying, you are what you eat? Well, it is true. Our food goes into our stomach and as it gets digested, it is absorbed into our blood. Our blood is what creates our cells, our tissues, our organs and even our thoughts. When sugar is ingested it becomes glucose. Glucose is fuel for the body’s cells. When you eat sugar, it enters the bloodstream and is converted into glucose at different rates, depending on the type of sugar you consume. All Carbohydrates contain refined sugar, but depending on their chemical structures- simple or complex- they are processed differently.

Let's begin with hormones. In order for your body to be in a balanced state, your hormones need to be in a balanced state. When sugar enters the blood stream too quickly, it causes a spike in blood sugar or glucose. The body sends Insulin, a powerful fat storing hormone, to even out the Blood Glucose level. Insulin then converts this Glucose to fat and stores it away, right around our mid section or belly. Our cells are deprived of needed energy and our blood sugar plummets leaving us wanting energy or more SUGAR.When we eat Complex Carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Our bodies absorb the nutrients, minerals and natural sugars at a slower pace. Allowing our bodies to convert the glucose to energy and absorb it into the cells. We burn the energy as we need it and the body doesn’t have to store it away as fat. We also don’t have the spike and fall in blood sugar levels creating cravings, mood swings, hormonal fluctuation and drops in energy. 

When we eat too much sugar on a daily basis, Insulin resistance occurs. This means the body does not respond to the Insulin, so the pancreas keeps blasting more and more Insulin and in turn storing more and more belly fat.
Is this beginning to make sense? Stay with me here.

Once insulin resistance occurs, Leptin resistance can occur. Leptin is a Hormone in our bodies that tell us when we are full and is our bodies natural appetite suppressant. Our brains can’t read the signals, we become “numb” or “resistant”.
Your body thinks it’s starving even after a large meal. This is known as the Insulin surge and the Leptin resistance.Which is what creates the Roller coaster effect in our system. High energy vs low energy. Mood swings, cravings etc. This is how Sugar and Processed junk foods damage our brain chemistry and our metabolism.

 Insulin is required to get Glucose into the cells, but Fructose ( HFCS) gets directly absorbed in the gut and into the Liver. This switches on the mechanism that turns sugar directly into fat. (Lipogenisis) This is when we start having cravings. Cravings are a signal from the body that you need balance, somewhere in the body. It can be a sign that you need water or protein. Maybe you’re stressed, sad, lonely or angry. Eating sweets and treats can also be a substitute for entertainment or filling a void of some sort.

So why detox? Why not just lower your sugar intake?

Honestly, if you don't detox first, you won't succeed. You'll deprive yourself and do great for a few days and then gorge on sweets, treats and empty calories. The better way to go is a Detox. When you commit to a 10 day sugar detox with me, you will have 10 days of guidance and support. You'll not only need to detox from sugar, but processed foods and high glycemic foods. Until you get it ALL out of your system and truly Detox and let go of the addiction you will continually go back to sugar. Our bodies can not tell the difference from added sugar, caffeine, high glycemic foods and carbohydrates. It responds to the food and processes it the only way it knows how.

Once you detox, you lose the need for false energy and stimulants. Your body is able to digest food properly and you will reset your metabolism. Your body will learn to use stored fat for energy and you will not only slim down, but feel great. Have a clearer mind, healthier skin and more energy. 

Why is it not for everyone? Some people are looking for a quick fix. This is a commitment to a lifestyle change. Sure, you'll be able to have sweets and treats on occasion eventually. Once the addiction is gone, you are in control. Not the sugar.  Sound interesting? For more info click here or send me an email at