Living in Balance.
10 Day Sugar Detox
Let’s work together to Detox from Sugar. Detoxing from Sugar will:

  • Activate your body’s natural ability to burn fat and lose weight.
  • Balance insulin and blood sugar levels, stop food cravings, create effortless appetite control, debug your digestive system, burn more calories and reset your metabolism.
  • We will work together to break free from addiction to sugar, carbs and processed foods, which will regulate hormones and rid your system of the hidden inflammation that is sabotaging your health and waistline.

This course is designed to support you and get you started on permanently changing the way you eat so that you no longer have to struggle with weight loss and symptoms in your body that are caused by the foods you are eating. During these 10 days we will talk 4 times on a conference call. You will be a part of a facebook group where I will post daily intentions and you'll have a chance to ask questions or share ideas. I will post recipes and suggestions to guide you through the 10 days. You will also have email support if you need it. You will receive recipes, handouts, a shopping list and guidance on exactly what you need to accomplish this 10 day detox.

"It is really hard at first, but at the end you feel amazing! I have more energy, the puffiness around my eyes is vanishing, my digestive system is functioning better than it has my entire life. Well worth the 100 bucks!" -Dolly Van Trojen

"It's a great way to reduce addictive eating habits and learn more about how food affects your body." -Heidi

"Great support from beginning to end. Loved the daily check in on facebook and ideas. Loved the end result and I am proud of myself for reaching my goals. Once you make up your mind you want to be healthy, it's really easy to do. I thought it would be impossible to give up coffee, but I did it!" - Aranka

"You feel wonderful after about 5 days. You lose the desire for sugar, which is awesome!" - Jamie Clos

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